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CORREA OPERATION 1st part : The donkeys are thirsty

Since 2007 the Ecuador is ruled by the left wing president Rafael Correa well known for his original solutions to the economic, social, and environmental crisis. Pierre Carles and his collaborators, are assembling their ponchos and backpacks and are heading for the « ecuadorian miracle » considerably ignored and looked down upon by the French press. The […]

The Outsiders

Untrained artists, architects without diplomas, low profile drawers, obsessive sculptors, their imagination has no limits. They upset aesthetic codes, art dealers customary criterias, and upper class references. They paint on used cardboards, build houses without roofs, carve and sculpt in roots, and offer a delicate and charming offset to the art institution.       […]

Bourdieu, the return

  During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Pierre Bourdieu had been laiding the foundation of his methodology, perfecting the tool he devised for social analysis and solutions. He exposes the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of the social order, elucidating the processes of symbolic violence and cultural domination in various areas of social life.     50 […]


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