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Bourdieu, the return

A movie by Pierre Carles and Annie Gonzalez



During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Pierre Bourdieu had been laiding the foundation of his methodology, perfecting the tool he devised for social analysis and solutions. He exposes the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of the social order, elucidating the processes of symbolic violence and cultural domination in various areas of social life.



50 years later, his works have provided the study of culture, aesthetics, politics, law and the media with an unparalleled source of conceptual tools for assessment. A group of former students and colleagues, research scientists, artists, of French and other origins are invited to explain from a personal viewpoint, the concepts most important to them, which catalyzed or shocked them, at their first encounter with Bourdieu. An opportunity to comment on how relevant and trenchant a tool his work is still today for social analysis and for us to revisit and review Pierre Bourdieu.

Pierre Carles Author of portrait docs on analysts of preconceived ideas (Pierre Bourdieu, Professeur Choron), the independent documentary director, Pierre Carles’ key themes question the media, wage labor and retrace direct social action.



Annie Gonzalez directs fiction shorts, feature docs. She created Le jour/la nuit productions (fiction shorts, 1 fiction feature + feature docs, all award winners), and later, C-P Productions to accompany documentary directors who provide films for thought.




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